Boyle Street Apartments (HO Scale Shown)
Boyle Street Apartments (HO Scale Shown)

TT Scale: Boyle Street Apartments

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Boyle Street Apartments
Part Number: TT-3004
TT Scale: Boyle Street Apartments

TT Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required
Lighting not included

This is TT Scale kit of the Boyle Street Apartments, which are modeled after a 1920’s apartment building found in the climates of the northern United States and Canada. This building is showing its age, but newer windows have been installed to keep the building alive though the generations. At home in a trackside neighborhood or even as a barracks in an army or cadet camp.

The prototype building is still standing today on Boyle Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

This building would be at home in any urban North American railroad setting from the 1930’s through to present.

Kit Highlights:

  • Laser cut and engraved resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail and allows for easy painting and gluing
  • 3D engraved stonework foundation
  • Tarpaper roof
  • Two engraved chimneys (to be assembled)
  • Pre-cut window glazing
  • Pre-cut bracing
  • Kit assembly instructions
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