O Scale: Industrial Dust Extractor

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Industrial Dust Extractor
Part Number: O-5008
O Scale: Industrial Dust Extractor

O Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

This is a 3 part cyclone dust extractor found in commercial manufacturing facilities such as welding shops, furniture manufacturers, machine shops, etc. It is used to extract particles and dust from work areas and extract them into containers for disposal as well as recirculate the air back to the building after it has been cleaned to save on heating/cooling.

This is a scaled up version of our HO dust extractor kit. This version could also be used in HO Scale as a large facility dust extractor.

Size: 3.4" long by 1.3” wide by 3” high

Includes laser cut and engraved materials.

Kit Includes:
  • 3 part industrial dust extractor (1 per package)
  • Kit assembly instructions

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