Jaycopter Helicopter Pilot Training System
Jaycopter Helicopter Pilot Training System

N Scale: Jaycopter Helicopter Pilot Training System

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Jaycopter Helicopter Pilot Training System
Part Number: N-8003
Jaycopter Helicopter Pilot Training System in N Scale

N Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

Fence not included.

This is a replica kit of the original full sized Jaycopter Helicopter Training System that was developed by Peter Charles Jacobs in the late 1950's in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Jaycopter was built to provide helicopter pilot training and to provide a realistic appraisal of a pilot's ability. By operating in absolute safety, it taught the fundamentals of control and co-ordination easily and simply in a cost effective way before turning the trainee loose with an instructor in a real helicopter. It was designed to produce a larger number of qualified pilots faster and cheaper while eliminating the possibility of personal injury and/or helicopter damage in early training situations. You can read more about this invention of the 1950's and 1960's at;


This stunning little replica will give you something quite unique and conversational on your layout and shows the innovation of the era of the 1960's. Definitely a unique model.

  • Actual model size: 1.16” wide by 8.47” long by 4.01” tall
  • Overall: Fits a 5.5" radius circle field

Supplied Kit Components:
  • Made from stabilized resin impregnated board and a clear plastic canopy, for crisp, high resolution detail
  • Stay cables and counter weight materials
  • Basic instructions and overview drawing (detailed color instructions can be downloaded from this website)

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