HO Scale: Portable Train Station (CPR Standard)

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Portable Train Station
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HO Scale: Portable Train Station (CPR Standard)
Optional Detail Kit Available, Please See Below

NOTE: Please ensure you select the detail kit option that you wish to come with your kit above (just above the quantity to order)

HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

This station is modeled after the Canadian Pacific Railways Standard Portable Train Station of which 400 or so were built and scattered around Western Canada from 1902 to 1931. The versatility of these stations allowed them to be used for small community stations and later on repurposed into bunkhouses and freight sheds. A number of these were moved from location to location as required, replacing a temporary station or even a larger station when a particular line was downsized.

The design originated in 1902 and found use right up to modern day. The common look of this model will be right at home on any era railroad.

It includes a CPR signature 3D printed stove pipe and door knob plates, laser cut shingles, embossed basswood siding, removable roof option, laser cut prototypical windows and doors, and a typical station platform.

With the optional interior detail kit, you add interior wainscoting (generic), two benches, ticket counter, desk & chair, bedroom door, dresser, bunk, table, typewriter, potbelly stove and an LED light strip to show it all off, day or night.

Size: 4.6" long x 1.7" wide x 1.7" high
Plus Included Platform: 4.6" x 1.7"

Main Kit Includes:
  • Laser cut drop siding walls
  • Laser cut windows, doors and glazing
  • Basswood strip stock for trim
  • Laser engraved basswood floor
  • Laser cut paper shake roofing shingles
  • Basswood decking for platform
  • Birch dowels for foundations
  • 3D printed chimney and door knob plates
  • Graphics sheet
  • Kit assembly instructions

Can only be purchased when adding Standard No.3 Single Tool House to your shopping cart

Please note this optional detail kit is discounted to be bundled with the Portable Train Station kit and is only available at the time of purchase of this kit.

OPTIONAL DETAIL KIT (Specific to Portable Train Station):
  • Interior wainscoting and trim
  • Ticket counter/divider
  • 3D printed potbelly stove, typewriter and telegraph equipment
  • Waiting room bench (1) and exterior bench (1)
  • Regulator clock
  • Bedroom door, bunk, dresser and table
  • 3D printed clutter (cans and small box stack)
  • Basic interior LED lighting kit

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