HO Scale: Hoarders Shipment (9 Crates)

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Hoarder's Shipment
Part Number: HO-5027
HO Scale: Hoarders Shipment (9 Crates)

HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

Survive the next pandemic. The hoarders shipment has everything you need to operate in a lockdown situation. Masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, mac and cheese, along with a weapons shipment to ward off any zombie attacks that should occur. Lastly if all else fails, just open the Ark and evaporate your enemies and viruses all at once! Kit makes 9 crates marked as described.

Made from laser cut and engraved basswood and strong birch paper trim for extra fine detail.

Supplied Kit Components:
  • One crate marked "TOILET PAPER"
  • One crate marked "HAND SANITIZER"
  • One crate marked "KRAFT DINNER"
  • One crate marked "N95"
  • One "Ark" crate
  • One unmarked crate
  • Three umarked weapons crates
  • Kit assembly instructions

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