Crossing Shanty
Crossing Shanty

HO Scale: Crossing Shanty

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Crossing Shanty
Part Number: HO-3005
HO Scale: Crossing Shanty

HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

The railroad crossing shanty gave the crossing gatemen protection from the elements and a clear view of the track and road with the windowed second level. The gatemen manned the crossing 24 hours a day and would lower or raise the crossing gates to stop traffic as the trains approached. Railroad crossing shanties were seen on the railways from before the inception of the automobile to well into the 1950’s when the gatemen were replaced with automatic gates.

This example is representative of a type used in the Midwest USA in the 20’s and 30’s.

There are over a hundred parts in this little gem that stands only an inch and a quarter square.

Supplied Kit Components:
  • Laser cut and engraved resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail and allows for easy painting and gluing
  • Laser cut clear window glazing
  • Basswood building base and stove fuel box base
  • Chimney tubing
  • Kit assembly instructions

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