1950s Gas Station
1950s Gas Station

HO Scale: 1950s Gas Station

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1950s Gas Station
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HO Scale: 1950's Gas Station

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HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required
Scenery, vehicles, figures and details on shop benches not included.

This 1950s gas station is true to form of many of the stylish gas stations that popped up in the 50s as the major petrol providers marketed themselves in competition to get their share of the burgeoning automobile traffic. It would be at home from the transition era right through to today.

This example is based on BP, Sinclair and Gulf styling found in the US and Canada at the time. It includes many laser cut details for your showroom and garage and lots of color signage for your station. 12VDC LED lighting strips are included for the pump rain cover, show room interior and the garage. Add your own wiring to make your station shine at night.

  • Gas Station: 6" wide X 4.2" deep X 2" tall
  • Overall: 6.8" wide by 4.6" deep
  • Plus gas pump island

Supplied Kit Components:
  • Laser cut and engraved resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail and allows for easy painting and gluing
  • Laser cut clear window glazing
  • Matt board building foundation and components sheet
  • Laser cut signage for Sinclair, GULF or BA (British American) stations
  • Chimney, sign stand and pump cover tubing
  • Show room interior kit including unpainted shelf clutter
  • 2 gas pump mini-kits
  • 3 shop bench mini-kits
  • 3 shelving unit mini-kits
  • 1950s vending machine mini-kit
  • Full color signage and flooring sheet
  • 12V LED lighting strips to light your pump cover, showroom and garage
  • Kit assembly instructions

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