HO-3002: Jacobs Welding Engineering
Jacobs Welding Engineering (N Scale photo shown)

HO-3002: Jacobs Welding Engineering

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Jacobs Welding Engineering
Part Number: HO-3002
HO Scale: Jacobs Welding Engineering

HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required

The Jacobs Welding Engineering building was built in circa 1950 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The design is typical of North American small industry shops in the 50s and 60s. Jacobs Welding was a welding engineering school, job shop and machine shop. The prototype building stood until just recently when it was torn down to make way for urban renewal. Fortunately, good images of the real building remain on GoogleEarth and can be found by looking at Boyle Street, Edmonton, Alberta.

This building would be at home in any urban North American railroad setting from the 1950s through to present day.

This HO Scale kit is reproduced from photos, memories and discussions with my father as it was his and my grandfathers building!

  • 13.25” wide by 11.25” deep (including annex)

Supplied Kit Components:
  • Laser cut and engraved resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail and allows for easy painting and gluing
  • Detailed engraved brick front wall
  • Mattboard building base
  • Made from stabilized resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail
  • Laser cut basswood stiffeners
  • 2 desk mini kits and 4 filing cabinet mini kits included to get your office space started
  • Basic lathe, mill and bandsaw mini kit included
  • 4 welding tables
  • Can be built with or without the machine shop annex
  • Pre-cut glazing
  • Kit assembly instructions

See one of our customer's builds of the Jacobs Welding Engineering kit (N-scale) here;

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