How long until you ship my order?
We normally ship in batches once to twice a week. We are a two person company and all of our kits are hand produced specialty items and sometimes we get a little behind, especially if we are having a delay in receiving supplies, have an equipment problem or get behind because of an influx of orders. If your order will take longer than a week to ship, we will e-mail you to let you know. If it will take longer than you are able to wait, we can certainly provide you with a full refund. We nearly always ship within a week though. The occasional times we’re away from our shop for more than a week (yes, vacations happen sometimes!), we will make a note of that on our home page at so you know to expect a bit of a delay during those times.

How long will it take to get my order once it is shipped?
USPS Tracked Packet USA: 7 to 10 Business Days
Xpresspost USA: 4 to 5 Business Days

Canada Post Expedited: 2 to 7 Business Days

Delivery times vary by country, but we have found that most orders arrive within a few weeks.
MAIL SERVICE UNAVAILABLE TO SOME COUNTRIES: See for an updated list of countries outside of the US and Canada that we can’t send shipments to at the moment.
When making your order (for international orders outside of the US and Canada), if you get an error that "There is no shipping option for the address you entered" and/or you are unable to obtain a shipping quote, then that means that Canada Post is currently not accepting shipments to your location. If you can obtain a shipping quote, you should be good to go. Either way, please let us know if you are having any difficulties and we will do what we can to help.

What forms of payment do you take?
We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. If you choose PayPal at checkout, PayPal will provide you with other options to pay including (but not limited to) other credit cards such as American Express, payment through your checking account, etc (depending on how you have your PayPal account configured). If you are paying by Visa, Mastercard or Discover, you may find it easier to not use PayPal (the method in which PayPal integrates with our store is not always intuitive, and this is beyond our control). Regardless of how you choose to pay, your purchase is secure when paying online with us. We do not even see your credit card number (except the last 4 digits) as that is handled automatically by our merchant account provider. Please note that you are charged for the order immediately at checkout.

Sorry, but we don’t accept checks. If you would prefer to pay using your bank account instead of a credit card, you can pay for your order with us using Paypal at checkout. Paypal has the option to pay for your purchase using your bank account. You will need to setup a Paypal account and set this up with Paypal prior to your purchase if you want to use this payment method.

What if I am having a problem placing my order?
Technology is awesome when it works, and frustrating to no end when it doesn’t. Unfortunately from time to time, some of our customers have had issues ordering through our website. Although our website is designed to handle many different web browsers, including mobile devices, some web browsers run into problems. If possible, please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

If you are having a problem with your credit card not being accepted for your order, please note that we are in Canada and you may need to call your credit card issuer to authorize your card for purchases outside of the US. We do charge in US dollars though, so you won’t have any foreign currency charges if your credit card is a US credit card. We should also note that most of our customers are in the US and have been very happy with the ease of ordering from Canada.

If using PayPal during the checkout process, please note that once you login to your PayPal account and authorize the payment, you will need to click “Check Out” from within PayPal. After that it should take you back to the checkout page at At that point, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then select “Check Out” on that page. We’re sorry that this can be confusing. We’d like to change it, but that is the process our e-commerce provider and PayPal have chosen to use and we are unable to make changes to that (professional programmers we are not).

If you continue to have problems, please e-mail us at [email protected] with a phone number we can reach you at and a good time to call you. We can take your credit card information over the phone and manually place your order. We can also e-mail you a PayPal invoice.

Will I be charged duty on my order?
Our kits are manufactured in Canada and because of the Free Trade Agreement, you will not be charged duty if you are in the US or Canada. International shipments may incur a duty charge and if this happens, your local post office would collect the fee from you.

What happens if I’m missing a part or my order is wrong?
We are a husband and wife team and although we are very careful when packing our kits and filling orders, sometimes we just plain screw up. I have learned not to watch Netflix when packing kits :D. Please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will send you the replacement part. If the order is wrong, just let us know what is missing and we’ll get that sent off to you.

What happens if I screw up a part when making my kit?
Life happens, we totally understand. How many times have you messed up a tricky section of a build or simply dropped a small part on the floor, never to be found again? We’re model builders too, so we know how that works! Just e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a replacement part.

A section of the kit instructions is not making sense.
Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] and let us know what the issue is. Sometimes a little more clarification from us can help. Sometimes the instructions are wrong and we appreciate knowing this so we can get the instructions fixed.

What is your return policy?
We will accept returned items for up to 4 months after purchase for a full refund of the item costs (not the shipping cost) if the items are unopened and in its original condition. Once the item(s) are received by us, within a reasonable period of time, we will issue a refund of the item cost.

You are responsible for any return shipping costs. You can ship the product to us at:
Inter-Action Hobbies
PO Box 1021
Chase, BC V0E 1M0

Do you have a catalogue?
We are an online only store, so our website ( is our catalogue. Our website contains more photos and detailed descriptions of all of our kits than we could ever feasibly put into a printed catalogue. Plus we add new kits fairly frequently. We can mail a simple list with a small photo of each of our kits to you, but that just doesn’t do our kits justice. So if it all possible, please use our website for photos and detailed descriptions of each of our kits.

What is your typical response time to inquiries?
We try to get back to inquiries within two business days, but sometimes it may take us a few days more, especially when we’re out of town at the time.

How long have you been in business?
We first started manufacturing and selling model railroad hobby kits in 2012. Since then, we have turned that into a full time business. We love this type of work, get to work from home, and enjoy a mostly friendly, patient client base. We couldn’t ask for more… well except maybe winning the lottery!

You’re based in Canada so why do you charge in US dollars?
We used to charge in Canadian dollars, but as we turned this into a full time business we were struggling with paying for our supplies in US dollars and then selling our kits in Canadian dollars. Nearly all our supplies and equipment come from the US and nearly all our customers are in the US, so because of these business reasons we have chosen to work in US dollars to make this work as a business.
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