COVID-19 Update March 24/20

We hope you are all doing well out there in these unusual times.

We are managing well here. Our shop facilities are right by our house, and we are in a semi-remote rural location, so self-isolation is what we normally do, even before this. :) Now if we can just find some extra toilet paper, we'd be set!

We are still able to ship new orders via the postal service to most locations, but please note the following;
  • We are shipping to the US and Canada, but as per Canada Post, those shipments may experience delays. Orders we have sent to date have arrived with little to no delay at this point. We are hoping that will continue to be the case through these times.
  • There may be some international locations that we will not be able to ship to temporarily due to postal or government restrictions. When making your order, if you get an error that "There is no shipping option for the address you entered" and/or you are unable to obtain a shipping quote, then that means that Canada Post is currently not accepting shipments to your location. If you can obtain a shipping quote, you should be good to go, but international shipments will likely see delays. Either way, please let us know if you are having any difficulties and we will do what we can to help. We will make sure that any items you were wanting to purchase will be available when shipping is again allowed.
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