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The best way to contact us is through e-mail at [email protected]. Please give us up to a few business days to respond.

PO Box 1021
Chase, British Columbia V0E 1M0
E-mail: [email protected]

Please note that US and Canadian customers will not be charged duty on our kits (because of the North American Free Trade Agreement).

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when a new product becomes available, please e-mail [email protected] to request to be added to the mailing list.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more updates at

We have a number of instructional videos on building our kits on our YouTube Channel Interaction Hobbies YouTube Channel

Welcome to Inter-Action Hobbies!

Inter-Action Hobbies is dedicated to supplying high quality, unique kits and components. We are a husband and wife team with a love for all things miniature and a passion for the rails! Our backgrounds in design and aviation give us a foundation for accurate, precise attention to detail and quality.

Our quality manager spends much of his time traveling the planet sniffing out only the best materials for a Rail and Tie kit. He monitors the growth of lower Siberian Basswood trees and helps nurture them from seedlings right through to harvest time, picking only the best crops to be used for our basswood vendors. All of his laser cutting material comes directly from NASA stocks which is also used to manufacture much of the structure of the International Space Station…

… well actually he mainly sleeps all day in his basket and licks himself.

We do actually use the best materials that we can find for our kits. While we do use injection molded window and doors from time to time, we will mainly laser cut and 3D engrave our own to closely match the prototype that we are modeling. Recently we have added a professional high resolution 3D printer to make parts that would be fine or difficult to do in resin casting at this time. We believe it is important to go the extra mile to model the prototype as accurately as we can to represent and preserve history in miniature.
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