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HO-7302: C.R. LAMB Sternwheeler Ship

Part Number HO-7302
HO-7302: C.R. LAMB Sternwheeler Ship
C.R. LAMB Sternwheeler Ship
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HO Scale: C.R. LAMB Sternwheeler Ship

HO Scale Kit: Assembly and finishing required
Scenery and figures not included

The Arrow Lakes Lumber Company commissioned the construction of the CR Lamb in 1907 for $23,000. She was built by G.B. Ward, a boat builder from the Maritimes, working in Kamloops.

Constructed with a wooden hull, she was 94 feet long and twenty feet wide, with a draught of four feet. The vessel had two 34 horsepower engines made by the Schaake Machine Works in New Westminster for a gross weight of 192 tons.

She spent more than two and a half decades serving the logging company and residents of the Shuswap Lake before being bought by Captain William Louie. He ran the boat well into the 1930ís providing cargo carriage, passenger services and even moonlight cruises and dances on-board. C.R. Lamb was decommissioned in 1936, her hull filled with gravel and now rests underwater in the Thompson River at the end of 8th Avenue in Kamloops BC.

As an interesting aside to the C.R. Lamb story, Captain Louie who had captained the CR LAMB for 15 years and then bought the CR LAMB and continued service into the 1930's with the boat, was of Chinese decent, but born in Canada. He took a lot of flack from government and press when he forced the Waterways commission to keep the opening span bridge working on the Thompson River long after the government had deemed it not necessary for shipping traffic. He was somewhat of a unspoken legend in these parts, keeping the steamboat working well past its prime. He even converted the upper deck of the ship to a dance floor and had bands and parties under the stars on the lake. Wow, that must have been a great time!

This ship is typical of the many that saw their way around the lakes, rivers and coastal systems of North America at the turn of the 19th century. She would be at home on any logging railway or in support as a ferry or cargo boat supporting your railway as part of the extended transportation network.

The model is the latest in our line of Masterclass kits and has outstanding detail for this size model. Lots of detail parts bring this model to a museum class piece.

We have also included some pre-wired LEDís and a power source to let you light the model with a very scale like appearance and light level. 3D engraved parts, scale rigging, and simple, but good looking railings help you look like you spent hours getting the railings right, but really they won't!. The model can even be built to have the paddlewheel rotate if you wish (you supply your own motor), or trim it flush to fit on your layout water surface.

  • 13" length X 2.75" wide X 5.5" tall

Supplied Kit Components:
  • Laser cut and engraved resin impregnated board for crisp, high resolution detail and allows for easy painting and gluing
  • Laser cut basswood structure parts with RIB support sheets
  • 0.020Ē Birch detail parts
  • Stripwood, wire, tubing, dowel, styrene extrusions
  • Board by board, planked, framed hull
  • Second deck wainscoting
  • Engraved deck boards
  • Laser cut clear window glazing
  • Chimney, king and queen post tension wires and cables
  • High resolution 3D printed lifeboats and detail parts
  • Tichey detail parts
  • Chairs, benches, table mini kits
  • Full color signage sheet
  • Micro LED lighting kit with prewired micro LEDís for lighting the deck, marker lights, etc. (Includes regulated power source)
  • Kit assembly instructions

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